Minimalistic duo inspired by everything from Satie to circus as well as patterns in snow flakes.

Since our debut concert underneath a huge beech we have performed on various live stages in and around Copenhagen and Malmö – everything from treading the boards to performing on church floors. In April 2016 we released our first EP on Gateway Music, available on CD and on various streaming media and supported by the cultural fund of KODA – the Danish Music Copyright Bureau.

Maria Lundbak on oboe and vocals.

Pernille Mejer on vocals and piano.

With support from

Currently, we are working on our first full length album in a cooperation with the Hungarian arranger, Szabó Illé.

Permafrost live

On the visual side we cooperate with the graphic designer and photographer, Frederik Højfeldt Nielsen. He made our artwork on the EP and website and he also made our first official and magical music video.

In 2015 we began our alliance with the Danish producer Klaus Sandberg. Klaus was young in the 80’s and his contribution to the music emphasize the epic element in our stories. In that way, he brings out the imaginative parts in the music.